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Adoption Information

What conditions must an adopter meet?

To adopt an animal of the shelter is necessary above all, to love the animals and be responsible to have it. An adoption today can not end in abandonment tomorrow… We do not want our animals to be a gift for anyone, we want the people who adopt them to be a gift for our animals.

Under what conditions are the animals delivered in adoption of the shelter? Microchip, vaccines, castration, etc... If the extension of the question is relevant, why do not all adopted dogs come with a microchip?

The conditions in which an animal is delivered to the shelter depend substantially on the state in which it is located. If he is physically well, if he has arrived hurt, run over or sick and, of course, of the age of the same according to whether he is a puppy or not.

In any case, our adoption protocol always includes vaccination, deworming, identification and sterilization, which the adopter must be willing to assume, whenever possible, at the same moment the animal leaves the shelter and, if this is not possible for the reasons explained above, in the weeks after the adoption, for which a contract is signed. The adoption is not considered completed until all the above is completed.

How can you adopt a dog of PPP consideration?

Of course, it is necessary to be very responsible and have previously the mandatory license for the possession of PPP (potentially dangerous dog) animal. In any case, whoever adopts a dog of these characteristics must do it because he wants to carry out a social work and adopt an animal that will be as loving to him as any other, but he should never do it because he looks for a special type of dog or a fierceness in the same.

We believe that whoever wants a dog to keep has to buy an alarm. A dog is a companion animal, regardless of its breed, it is a dog that needs love and care and that will show its owner that it can be his best friend.

I have adopted a dog that was sick, what do i do?

When a dog is adopted from the animal shelter in Alicante, the veterinary and hospital service of the same covers everything that could happen to that animal by hosting it in its facilities and with its veterinary staff. That is to say, if the animal you have adopted in the days following the adoption gets sick, what you have to do is go to the animal shelter with him, and the center’s veterinarian will treat him and treat him free of charge, at no cost to you , until it is recovered.

I have adopted a shelter dog and now I can not keep it because of different circumstances, what should I do?

Of course, it is something we wish would not happen. As we mentioned earlier, today’s adoptions do not have to be the abandonments of tomorrow.

Before adopting an animal it always has to be take into account the time one has for him, the costs involved, the obligations entailled, the accuracy of any problem you may have… An adoption must never be made by impulse.

However, sometimes life changes for us overnight and we can not do much for the welfare of our pet. Our advice is always to request help online to help find a new family to take care of it as it deserves, and try not to pass the drink of abandonment, that is, try not to go through a cage, but go directly to a home . If this is not possible, go to our centre or call us to explain your case and we will inform you.

Information of Shelter

How was the current animal shelter created?

The facilities of the animal shelter were built by the animal shelter itself. Cage to cage were raised at first in a very small number that gradually expanded.

The original cages have now multiplied in their number and amplitude. The space of their courtyards was doubled, the entire fence was changed and shaded areas were put in place for protection. Stables and walks were created for abused animals. The gatera was also extended with an extensive garden area and shaded walkways together with the creation of drinking fountains. An aviary was created for wounded or sick birds.

In 2002, the animal protection company won an award in the Netherlands, which resulted in the creation of a classroom, a hospital area, an operating room and a hairdresser for animals.

The evolution of the animal shelter has been constant, until it is currently one of the best in Europe. However, it is still a shelter and that means that the animals that arrive make it sad and depressed because they have been abandoned and they have to go from living in the living room of a house to a cage.It is never too much to try to help them. They are not to blame for having been abandoned.

How and since when did the kennel of Alicante become a shelter? What differences does this imply?

CURRENTLY THERE IS NO KENNEL IN ALICANTE. The kennel of Alicante never happened to be a shelter, they were two different entities.

The kennel of Alicante existed formerly in Mutxamel and then in Villafranqueza. In 1998 it was closed thanks to the efforts made by the animal protection of Alicante. Every Friday, a truck from the old kennel of Alicante passed through the animal shelter and was full of corpses of dogs that had been slaughtered in the kennel. Many of those dogs could be adopted in the shelter but had not had that opportunity. For that reason, the animal protection of Alicante asked for the closure of the kennel and that the animal collection service will also be taken from the animal shelter in Alicante.

That does not mean that the shelter is a kennel. Simply take the service of collecting abandoned animals from your shelter.

Other protective associations have or have carried animal collection services in some municipalities of the province. For example, the protector of Alcoy in Alcoy, the one of Ibi in Ibi or Asoka El Grande in Altea or Orihuela, for example, but that does not turn any into a kennel.

In our case it is the same, we are not a kennel, although it is true that many people confuse it and do not understand the differences.

In general, that confusion occurs throughout Spain. The same is heard of other animal protectors, most of them confronted by organizational discrepancies.

The difference between a kennel and an animal shelter is that in the former, past animals are systematically sacrificed for a certain period of time. On the other hand, the possibilities of adopting them are null since their opening hours are small.

In an animal shelter the opening hours are wider. The possibilities of adoption multiply and, above all, no animal is sacrificed for reasons of time or space.
A shelter of abandoned animals or an animal shelter is not even remotely a residence. Resources are minimal and the more animals there are housed, the more difficulties multiply. When someone is willing to adopt an animal, they have to do it as social work, to rescue a homeless animal, mistreated, knowing that it can have problems, to get it out of a cage and offer it the life that it could not have until the moment.

The animal protector of Alicante has never become a kennel or will ever become.

Are animals "put to sleep" in the shelter?

Unfortunately, practically of all the centres that collect animals in Spain, are kennels or animal shelters, protections or shelters, It is said that they put animals to sleep after a certain length of time ; something we are tired of listening to.

In our centre ANIMALS ARE NOT PUT TO SLEEP because they have passed a certain period and they fight for their lives until the end. If an animal has been run-over,is sick or injured, our veterinarians fight for their lives. We have had and we have animals that have lived in our centre for months to more than 4 years.

What is the radius of action of the shelter collection service?

Our animal collection service deals with the collection of animals 24 hours a day every day of the year in Alicante and part of the region (we do not cover the entire province)It is important to consult by phone or by mail if you have any questions if you just found an animal.

Can I take an animal found in a municipality other than Alicante to the shelter?

We study the cases but it is complicated. We receive requests to receive animals from all parts of the country and only with the animals that we collect from our areas we have a remarkable occupation. We ask for understanding. We have helped when we were able but this is not always possible for us.

More Information

Does SPAPA collaborate with a veterinary clinic?

We have several veterinary clinics that collaborate with us, helping us to sterilize our animals at low cost or even free of charge and we are always open, of course, to receive help from any clinic that wants to collaborate with us to the best of their ability. So if you are a veterinarian and want to collaborate with us from your clinic, in the way you can, do not hesitate to contact us, our animals will thank you greatly.

How can I volunteer?

To be a volunteer of the shelter it is necessary you approach the centre itself and that you inform yourself in the reception of it. It is very simple.You need, above all, to be responsible and love the animals. There you will fill out a file and they will explain the rules that you must follow. Remember that abandoned animals always need help.

Does the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Alicante receive any subsidy for its work?

Often the payment is confused by the municipalities to the animal protection for the provision of their services in the collection of abandoned animals on public roads with the payment of a subsidy.

The Animal Protector of Alicante as well as other associations such as the Protector of Ibi, Castalla, Asoka, Alcoy or Villena, for example, maintains contracts for the provision of services with different public entities, usually city councils.

These contracts usually consist, in the case of animal protectors, in agreements for the collection of abandoned animals that are agreed or tendered between an animal protector and a municipality that wishes to agree on it. They fall within the Law 4/94 of the Generalitat Valenciana on the protection of animals that allows them to be agreed upon.

The provision of the services that a contract entails generates a very important expense in the development of this one that can never be inferior to the amount of the contract. For example, in the case of the Animal Protector of Alicante, the fulfillment of the contract that maintains with the city council of Alicante forces to him to count on personnel of animal collection with a permanent service of guard every day of the year, the 24 hours . It must also have caregivers and veterinarians attached to this agreement and with the help of course of the volunteers who clothe in all this work.

That is, municipalities have the obligation to have a public service to collect animals and keep it, but it is a concept that has nothing to do with any help or subsidy. That money is only for the maintenance of that service and its expenses, not for the protector or her animals.

The animal protection of Alicante fulfills the contract of our city, justifies all its expenses and, what is more important, thanks to it it is ensured that any abandoned animal that can be run over or that needs help does not stay in the asphalt waiting for a help that never comes, there is always a phone available to go.

If you do not know what to do when you find an animal, then call the local police.