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About Us

The Protector


The Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Alicante is a non-profit organization, founded in 1968, whose purpose is to promote respect and love for animals.

For the fulfillment of these aims, we carry out different programmes of action that in general terms would be divided into two, on the one hand where the objective is the awareness or prevention, and on the other, those destined to try to alleviate the effects of one of the worst problems that continue to be suffered by pets which is none other than their abandonment on public roads. Therefore, from the shelter we offer a refuge to those pets that have unfortunately been abandoned or mistreated.

Together with these two tasks is another which is very importantThis is the work at a social level from the shelter of animals and through the Protective Society of Animals and Plants of Alicante which is dedicated to helping animals and also helping people with problems.


The Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Alicante provides, within its scope of action, a rescue service and collection of abandoned animals 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The rescued animals are deposited in our animal shelter where the centre veterinarian, our staff and the whole group of volunteers will watch from that moment on for adaptation and promotion of the adoption.

If you find an abandoned animal and need it to be picked up, you should call the local police in the municipality where you found the animal. They will indicate the best way to proceed and advise you about it.


Currently, the animal shelter of Alicante is considered one of the best in Europe and therefore has received various awards and distinctions.

In 2002 we was awarded from the Netherlands for a good performance and won the prize for the best protection of animals project, which meant in practice the creation of new cages for animals, expansion of existing ones, creation of a “hospital ” veterinarian, operating room, assistance rooms, hairdresser for animals and a multimedia classroom for awareness and education.

We currently receive more than a thousand schoolchildren a year to whom we offer educational visits for animal protection and respect. Anyone can visit the center any day of the week throughout the year.


The society that protects animals and plants of alicante has always promoted and developed solidarity programs whose purpose is to help both people and animals:

  • In our centre we receive minors who are under judicial measures and who provide their services by volunteering at our centre, people with problems of social integration, people with disabilities or with psychiatric, psychological or physical problems… All of them discover animals to be man’s best friends.
  • We help people with problems who have animals but are left unassisted. We help their animals to live better and we also help their owners.
  • We continually develope new lines of action and help by the creation of new programmes within our solidarity protection.
The Shelter


Currently the Animal and Plant Protection Society of Alicante has a shelter for abandoned animals located in the Old Road of Elche, Km .: 7, in the Els Reiets farm, Alicante.

  • The hostel currently has 40,000 square meters dedicated entirely to abandoned animals.
  • The facilities are currently divided basically into different dedicated areas, some to house animals directly, others aimed at the recreation of animals with walking areas, etc., and others to provide facilities for their assistance and care (veterinary clinic, hospitalization, etc.).
  • The zone to shelter animals has cages for dogs of different sizes, areas for puppies, cages for cats, cages for wounded or sick birds, stables, etc.
  • The recreational areas are formed by walking zones for the recreation of the animals.
  • The assistance area has a quarantine area for animals containing observation and postoperative cages, an operating and veterinary consultation room, a room for use in hairdressing and animal grooming and a multimedia classroom for conferences, lectures and organization of courses, etc.


The scope of action of the Animal Shelter in Alicante is not limited to pets, but acts in all those cases in which an animal needs a helping hand, for it collaborates with other associations and entities dedicated specifically to them.

So it happens that the volunteers and staff of the shelter participate in the care of animals as different as donkeys, horses, ostriches, rabbits, chickens, ferrets and guinea pigs… etc.

If you are interested in any animal of this type, check with the lodge which animals are currently hosted and what are the possibilities of adoption according to each particular case.


During the years we have carried out the task of animal rescue we have been aware of the legal consideration of “dangerous race”.Despite this we have been able to live every day with that the most disadvantaged animals. Unfortunately this situation is because of the human being not always them.

We believe that these dogs are like any other, influenced only by the education given to them by their owner and not born under the name of these races.

We have to learn that in spite of their powerful and strong physique, in them is the TENDERNESS in pure state.

We would like some day to end with that damn legend of dangerous dogs.

We encourage other shelters to pick up these dogs, since in many centres they do not accept them, condemning them not to rehabilitate themselves or to find a new family.


If you are interested in some of the following races:

– American Staffordshire Terrier
– Staffordshire Bull Terrier
– Mallorcan Dam Dog
– Brazilian Fila
– Presa Canario
– Bullmastiff
– American Pitbull Terrier
– Rottweiller
– Bull Terrier
– Dogue de Bordeaux
– Tosa Inu
– Argentine Dogo
– Doberman
– Neapolitan Mastiff

Do not hesitate to contact us, visit us and check out the great good-natured little ones that we are welcoming at this moment. Remember that the PPP license is essential for its adoption.